Chicago Blues Key of G Nickel Plated Beginner Harmonica KHCB32G

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Chicago Blues Key of G Nickel Plated Beginner Harmonica KHCB32G

For Beginners and Veterans Alike!

Kay Chicago Blues Diatonic Harmonica. Are designed for beginners but are used by many true "professionals" who must replace their Folk Instruments frequently due to constant usage. The Kay Chicago Blues 10 hole Harp (Harmonica), with well over 1,000, 000 sold and played was first introduced in 1978 has is made with stainless steel covers, a clear Lucite frame, hand tuned brass reeds, each reed is electronically tested with a strobe tuner for accuracy.

Dense Clear Combs Add Stability!

The dense clear combs add stability and are more costly then the inferior black plastic combs found in most inexpensive Folk Instruments under $20. The reed plate is made of top quality brass, each tuned by hand and then tested electronically for accuracy of the note and ease of vibration.

No Sub-Standard Parts!

Most imitators are made of tin or Parts substandard metals. The plated nickel/steel covers are engraved with the "Chicago Blues" logo and are tight fitting to minimize air leakage compared to many "toy" Folk Instruments who use plastic or aluminum to lower cost of manufacturing.

The Kay Chicago Blues harmonica quality has been proven over the years, with a failure rate of less than one in every ten thousand sold!